kontor 1

Project: Skt. Petri Passage, Copenhagen C

Type: Office – redevelopment

Size: Up to 3,500 sqm

About the project: The Skt Petri Passage project is the vision of creating a new knowledge driven office environment in the heart of Copenhagen, where the most modern principles for work place design and architecture of the golden past melts together with cooperations wishes for brand identity and individualization of premises. This vision has now come alive.

97 % of the projects total 49,000 sqm are today occupied by an exciting mix of tenants such Google, IUM (media agency), Bruun & Hjejle (lawyers), Mensch (ad agency), SKULD (insurance) etc. In the remaining areas we still offer smaller tenants the opportunity to shape their future premises from 150 to 600 sqm in a unique atmosphere with good on-site parking availability etc. Revco are developing the project on behalf of The Carlyle Group.
For more info visit www.sktpetripassage.dk.

kontor 2

Project: The Summits, København/Ørstad

Type: Office, education, hotel etc.

Size: Between 5.000 and +50.000 sqm

About the project: Tomorrows Workplace Today. Read more on http://www.thesummits.dk

kontor 2

Project: Nybrovej 116, Lyngby

Type: Office etc.

Size: Between 3.000 and 6.500 sqm

About the project: Comming soon.